she woke up. Faith in God is going to help your loved one heal!!! Is anyone going through what I am going through. Called 911 they came for her and she went to hospital and she declined slowly got weaker when she had fevers she would not talk or focus. As she was being readied for brain scans on day 6 made responses to commands of squeeze hand,move toes and stick tongue out. At first all I could do was see people. Unfortunately, we can’t give you any recommendations or suggestions especially because we aren’t particularly familiar with your grandmother’s specific case. She was admitted in the ICU and was on ventilator for 3 weeks. On January 22nd 2019 I was in a coma and I remeber dream I had and music I heard that my family anf nurses was listing to while I was in a coma and a nurse that iv never met in my life. She 28 years old with a little one of her own, new house, and her life in front of her. My daughter was drugged my a girl friend of my grandson. Tracking is when your loved one watches you as you move around the room or turns their head toward you when they see you or hear your voice. The scores collected with use of the GCS helps doctors and health care providers understand the extent of brain damage and the possible prognosis for a particular case. I’m doing everything I can to wake her up. After two weeks he has been removed from life support as he is breathing well by God’s grace. My brother 37 yr had pontine hemorrhage on April 20 2020, he has GCS score of 4, he was rushed to emergency then kept in ICU with life support. Patients are normally put in an induced coma to allow the brain to rest and heal after suffering trauma, physical or chemical. Sone how I knew this lady when I woke up from being in a coma for over 3 weeks so for you with loved one’s that are in a coma don’t give up because they may not be able to talk or anything like that but they are still the I know I was and I was given only a 30% survival rate, My three friends had a car accident and all 3 are in coma from 4 days… She is just 16 years old … And another is 13 and last one is only 10 …, Please prey for them … For there fast recovery, My loved one been in coma for 14 days and she open her eyes and began to be better after 2-3 weeks then doctor said she had puss in kidney and uti and sepsis and after getting better moved to micu and began dialysis it was as routine from first day like one day gap but she was getting better till they use vancomycin they say her bacteria is sttrong and used it they also say she may hav kidney stone but few days after she seems drowsy fever and her voice was not clear and 2 days from that she began unconciousnes and again shift to icu and its been 50 days in icu n micu m really worried little hope i have again shatter like pieces while transferring her heart stop and done cpr The only thing I can think to say is that you need to realize that if god is all-powerful then he allowed this to happen. She could identify her sister’s and her granddaughters’ voices over the phone. We are hoping for the best for your family! Every time I was told you will not be able to stand, read, walk …etc., ever, I made that my challenge. Every time me or my brother stepped out from home, he used to call to know when are we coming, we should take extra on that turn and all. I am 39 years old. She was unresponsive for 7 days. On Wednesday the next day I was called by my aunt telling me my mom was asking for me which was a happy moment because she had not been talking. Never lose hope. How Your Brain Works. Please pray for him to God. Memory loss, forgetting to do things and headaches and nauseous lots of the time. If possible, confusion or agitation is treated according to the cause, poorly managed pain can cause confusion, especially in older patients. A coma is defined as an unconscious condition in which the patient is unable to open their eyes. Cardiac arrest 15 mins no oxygen to brain. He’s now in a coma for 4 weeks. Is any of this normal for stroke victims. I’m hoping though. But in 2019 in Jan she started bleeding every time she went to bathroom. The doctors haven’t said semi comatose but it sounds that way to me. What is sad is till now we do not have conclusive diagnosis of the coma. BMJ (British Medical Journal), November 8, 2005., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:Glasgow Coma Scale, "Coma." I also remember some of my dreams in my coma & could hear my nana talking to me, but in my dream i was a looking over myself as a little kid. Now he is opening his eyes and moving his hand..Please pray for his complete recovery, Oddly there is a first brain injury was 2001.. The doctor said he needs rehabilitation, this is just the beginning.. he’s doing awesome things everyday. All content has been filed with the U.S. There is a big guy in the sky, you just don’t know him. On 05/24/2020, my son suffered a severe TBI from an assault. And sometimes God does allow things to happen, but he has very good reasons for so, sometimes he needs to bring people to their knees, you know, kind of like hitting rock bottom so that they will rise up and finally see him. At arrival in hospital she had 3 cardiac stents inserted after 2 arteries which were completely blocked were cleared in a 3 hour procedure. Hi I was in a drug induced coma after taking an overdose I kinda remember learning to walk and talk again but now 5 years later my memory is getting really bad I fill in the gaps of my memory it’s like fixing a broken mirror and trying to put the shards back together it is really scary and people just think I’m strange some even say my personality has changed it feals like a pice is missing but I can’t find it and when ever it’s within my grasp I forget again has anyone else feeling like this. I said ok, but why after 2 years I’m still so weak. This article is incorrect on nearly every level. The waking-up process from an induced coma has begun for Michael Schumacher at a specialist clinic in Grenoble, France. She took therapy and it help . Inducing a coma allows the brain to rest. My Father was in a car accident on 29/01/18 – Came to hospital in a coma (GCS 7) and as of this date is a 13/14. I was kept in icu, had to learn to walk, talk & eat again. "Epidemiology and prognosis of coma in daytime television dramas." Merck, February 1, 2003., "The Miracles Around Us." Today told that he’s out of coma but a vegetable. My 62 yr old mother fall from bike and had frontal contusion . My father met with a road accident on 30th September 2019. If you want to get a more accurate prognosis for her, we recommend that you discuss the matter with her doctors who are better equipped to provide the information you’re looking for. You’re doing great by holding on and staying hopeful despite your wife’s condition! Please pray for our family, as I will for every family on this thread. My father was diagnosed with the west nile virus and due to not having enough oxygen in the brain he has several strokes. She has type 2 diabetes, hypetensive and has kidney failure. He was on heroin before, but nothing of that was found in his bloodstream, just the cocain. She had 3 at the brain steam and one on the right side. Copyright Office (Registration Number TXu 1-826-312) and © 1995-2017, Inc, ALL rights reserved. A doctor who always treat her injected her body withigh insulin. Hi, Penny. I live abroad and because of coronavirus I can’t travel to go and see him. My grandma is 81 years old. I would get there and I would say how you feeling she would say so so or ok or good. When I walked into evening visiting her eyes were open and upon seeing me started mouthing my name and asked me to hold her. God is able so may their health and memory be restored in Jesus mighty name Amen , Anyone whom says not to pray I dont want or care to hear your lies God is real and can do anything, he saved my Niece whom should have died shes still alive and a miracle and my grandson had a fatal cancer and he is alive now our mom has bleeding on her brain and I will pray for her like I did for my other family and she will be ok ……have faith that’s what gets you through this and that’s what we’ll save my mom. I got there and she was talking a lot and eating everything it was beautiful we even called my dad because he was so sad and he got happy. That was 10 days ago. Individuals are scored by adding the corresponding points of the statements that best describe their state. me and many other people like me don’t just believe in him we know he is there, something I can’t explain to you, it has to be your own personal experience for you to understand but in the meantime stop backing other people’s beliefs, please. We are hoping for the best for you and your family! My mom is in a coma since July 20 2019 since 2am after coding blue they brought her back at about 25 minutes. We started a go fund me page for family but just feel so helpless. My mother was in a car accident on 12/02/18 and has a TBI. Following commands intermittently means they won’t “squeeze your hand” every time you ask. God bless us, every one. Yet we believe in faith, God and my brother that soon he will recover…..hopefully with God s help my brother can regain consciousness and live a normal life… I miss my brother and I love him to the core.. N I’m still hoping and waiting for him….may the god decide and pls pray…, My friend is currently being brought out of a coma … he should be out by 4am so I praying for him to be ok … his dad is with him … xx, I was in an induced coma last year for 5 weeks. Any suggestion are welcome. Please pray people. | Anatomy, Surgery, Pregnancy, Nutrition, Fitness. No. These include eye opening response, verbal response, and motor response. He is someone who used to take a lot of extra care for his family and himself. When I woke up I didn’t know how long I was asleep. , is he recovering ? I was finally sent to a Rheumatologyst and I was diagnosed with fibromiliagia (shoker). He’s not responding to anything. He may look as if he is staring off into space. He is a father of 4 children. Its been 5 weeks and she is showing some signs of improvement. Is he in coma ? LARGO, Fla. — Shanna Thompson realized she was paralyzed from the neck down after waking up from a medically induced coma. When your loved one first starts to “wake up” from or come out of the coma, he may not be able to focus his eyes. She responds to pain and moves her 4 limbs. I’m unsure of how it might help you. My speech is improved but my voice can sound gruff a lot of the time possibly due to damage to my vocal chords from the breathing tube. Mayo Clinic, May 25, 2004., "Doctors Induce Comas to Fight Brain Disorders." My friend aryan malhotra has been in A coma from last three days.praying he will wake up soon or shows sign io improvemnt…plz pray for him. God plz help me. She opened her eye on 22/02/18 and was able to lightly squeeze my hands on command. I love them the most in the world. I need her to come back. Its been 10 days. In God we trust and that Jesus Christ himself will heal my brother from this. Anyhow when they finally realised the feeding tube drama and drained the porridge from my lungs,within a few days i woke up with apparantly delirium. So they put a nasal feeding tube on Tuesday night. In January she had sepsis after her dialysis catheter came out on its own. If they do, they may follow a common pattern. We play music we talk to her please please pray for her I cannot leave with out her. Some lives are unfortunately just shorter than others. I kept it simple, take my hand and lets go home. Details about how the affected person lost consciousness, including whether it occurred suddenly or over time 3. “They wake up and start responding. But, let me tell you, and this is what I told the doctors….. my GOD is bigger and more powerful. Just because you are a non believer doesn’t mean that you are correct or have the right to ridicule people that are believers. A person in a coma:• May or may not have their eyes closed all the time.• Cannot communicate.• Cannot move in a purposeful way, such as following instructions like “squeeze my hand, or open your eyes.”. Headaches daily. “I didn’t believe the nurse, she had to … Always has been always will be she made me a fighter. As I did this her left arm came over and she grabbed my shoulder and hugged me. After 6 years of recovering i am very thankful that i am doing as good as i am by the grace of God. Catastrophe of Coma: A Way Back, by Edward Allen Freeman, Recalled to Life: The Story of a Coma, by Esther Goshen-Gottstein, Coma, A Healing Journey: A Guide for Family Friends and Helpers, by Amy Mindell, Write to Death : News Framing of the Right to Die Conflict, from Quinlan's Coma to Kevorkian's Conviction, by Elizabeth Atwood Gailey, "Awake But Not Aware: A Persistent Vegetative State." Everyone pray for my fiancee How Brain Death Works. Her neurologist says she is not in coma but semi conscience. My first words were “I saw Jesus” which was strange as I believe in science and not “GOD” Under each category are levels of responsiveness. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! No reaction for 3 days ( GCS score 3 ). His eyes are open but nothing else happens. I also have a loved in icu. I am now with 3 children and I was told so many times because of the brain injury and damage you will never be able to do things. If you want to contribute tutorials, news or other stuff please Contact Us. With help from my family I was able to work. We are so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s condition. Paul has been in a coma for over a month now.

induced coma waking up process

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