Storm Emma – Clean up after the snow period.


Storm Emma – Clean up after the snow period!

With ‘Storm Emma’ in full force all across the UK, the gritters have been working extra hard to keep the roads safe. With safe roads comes grit, and with grit comes mess and we are here to help. The strong winds from the storm may have made a mess to your home if you are near a main road as it blows grit, or the road is covering your home with slush. This can be the same for business as well, so we want to insure your premises are looking in tip top condition to make a great first impression on your customers.

Snow can leave your home/business looking lacklustre as water and grit marks are left on the windows of your home and on the walls and floors surrounding the building. The strong winds may have causeed major issues for you as dirt, grit and other substances get blown around the exterior of the home due to Storm Emma.

Luckily we here at Comserve Ltd have a range of services available to get your home back to its former glory and your business back to making good impressions.

  1. Window Cleaning – To get rid of water and dirt marks and have them gleaming once again.
  2. Pressure Washing – For exterior of homes and hard to remove road grit.
  3. Gutter Cleaning – To remove any thing blown in which may be blocking the flow of water (Which could freeze and damage the pipes.
  4. Softwashing

Not only this, but you may have dragged unwanted grit and snow into the home or business as you rush to get out of the cold, which is understandable. But we do not want this to ruin the interior of your home or business and that’s why we offer Carpet and Upholstery cleaning, to make sure your carpets don’t stain or damage.

Hopefully the weather will soon pass and be back to normal, and with Comserve Ltd Commercial and Domestic cleaning services we can get your premises back to normal (if not better than before).

To find out more visit our main site for information on Window Cleaning, Upholstery and Carpets, Pressure Washing and Softwashing.

Our experience in the industry means we are the go-to company for the best service on the market, even when dealing with the aftermath of natural occurrences like Storm Emma.

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